Usage start date: 10/08/2012

Working in a venture company, which encourages broad use of shell scripting for various enterprise systems. Former Assistant prof. of Univ. of Tokyo. Majored in robotics and artificial intelligence. The translator of "Probabilistic Robotics, " S. Thrun, MIT press, 2005 in Japanese. A leader of team ARAIBO, which was a robot soccer team of Univ. of Tokyo and Chuo Univ.

Interested in decision making theories not only for robotics but also in human activities; especially in my decision when I resigned my position in the university.

Obtained Young Investigator Excellence Award, The Robotics Society of Japan, for my presentation of ``Vector Quantization for State-Action Map Compression" at Robotics Simposia, 2004. Also obtained Young Author's Award, Systems and Information Division, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, for my presentation of ``Pose Estimation of Multiple Cameras with Particle Filters ---Evaluation on Simulation" at SSI, 2007.

The carefree chairman of USP tomonokai (USP友の会), which is the society of shell scripters.
Writing an article about shell scripts monthly on one of the most published computer magazines in Japan.