利用開始日: 06/03/2017

つぶやき - http://twitter.com/okyada
開発 - http://github.com/okyada
読書 - http://book.akahoshitakuya.com/u/88368
オープンソースプロジェクト参加 - http://gna.org/users/okyada
音楽鑑賞 - http://www.lastfm.jp/user/okyada
ライブ鑑賞 - http://www.setlist.fm/concerts/fb:100001805040855

I love Computer Programming, using UNIX(Linux), using and developing Opensource Softwares and Web applications with especially Ruby On Rails.

I love Rock music -
US Alternatives - Sonic Youth, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Mercury Rev, Pixies
UK Indies - Belle&Sebastian, Radiohead, Mogwai, The Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses, Teenage Fanclub
Jam Bands - Phish
Old Hard Rock - Led Zeppelin, The Who

I love live concerts and have been to many Rock Festivals -
Reading UK '94
Glastonbury UK '99,'00,'02
Coachella US '04
Fuji '97-'04
Summer Sonic '00-'03
Phish's Last (as of 2000) US Tour 1st to 7th Oct 2000 at Phoenix / San Diego / LA / San Francisco

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