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I love …

talking in Foreign language, especially English,
watching movies, 60s-70s Hollywood movies,
playing sports like futsal, tennis, golf and running
communicating with positive people

--Favorite movies---
Leon, Nuovo CINEMA Paradiso, Life is beautiful,
DEAD POETS SOCIETY,Running out of Empty,
LEGALLY Blonde, The God father, Enter the DRAGON

---Favorite musicians----
hide(X Japan)

---My daily life----
Work for a kind of research organization regarding Japanese economy, industry, law and foreign affairs.
Kaplan drama class(Acting in English is much more enjoyable than you expect.
Tennis club in Aoyama.
and Shimokitazawa life.

----my interests-----
The future of IT industry
The future of education of English in Japan
Improving my English skills, especially in speaking and writing.
How to increase the profit of Japanese entertainment and tourism companies.
Local government system.



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