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Over the years many friendships have simply evolved into acquaintances. I don't like having a large number of friends like I used to for the mere fact life is just much different than it was 12+ years ago. Some "friends" have been deleted over time, due various reasons and some I keep because it doesn't matter how much time goes by we connect like we didn't miss a beat. Now, I have chosen the best solution before I do the 2015 clear out. I am happy to have you because you are among my best of the best. Now I am going to see who will take the time to read this post until the end. I'm curious to see who takes care of the BOND that I'm trying to create. Thank you for being a part of my life. Copy and paste this onto your page, PLEASE DO NOT 'share'. This is a little test, just to see who reads and those who share only without reading! If you have read everything, select 'like' and then copy and paste into your profile, so I can put a comment 'smile.' To copy just touch the post and when the word copy pops up, touch it and go to your status and tap till it says paste then touch.



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