利用開始日: 05/10/2017

I was dreaming the thing that became the scientist of biotechnology when I was in my teens. However, I noticed it did not have the talent as scientist, and changed over to the world of the business after it had graduated from the university.
I have the career for 20 years or more as system consulting business in the IT industry. I was concentrating on the Internet business start-up in around 2000. I released the venture of the Web marketing service in those days and the union services, and was making an effort to increasing the sale. Afterwards, I want to do marketing and move to the marketing section. I am taking charge of the start-up of a new business of Cloud Service now. I take charge of the United States NetSuite and cooperation and it takes charge of project promotion.

Because jimi Hendrix and the blues guitar are loved, and it is a hobby to play the blues guitar, I am called jimi from my freind.
I have the collection of books that the book likes and is huge.
I am very interested in super-ancient times such as intentional evolution, Egypt, and [mu-] of a structure the space root and man.
I will write the book in the future and debut as a best-selling writer.





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