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If you want to add me as your friend & you haven't met me before neither in real life or on net, just send me messages before you add me. Thank you.

I'm a weird web engineer working at Yahoo Japan.
Can you offer a better job for me? Hehe, just tell me.
My office located in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.
Kinda noisy & too many people there, I sometimes get tired of it but I can enjoy eating & drinking there, and I sometimes enjoy just staying at the small park behind my office building.

I've been in Okinawa for 7 years and then moved to here in 2007.
I started working for Yahoo! JAPAN as a web engineer.
I'm interested in mobile web service, mobile application (including iPhone & Android phone, etc)
I hope I can develop something that can change the world, am I weird?

I've been in LA. CA, the USA, in 2004. I was studying game programming & CG there. Yeah it was fun to stay there, but I really missed Japan sometimes!

I moved to Okinawa, Japan 10 years ago. I really like Okinawa. It was warm & nice there.

If you want to know more, just ask me.

No French, sorry.
pas français, désolé



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