Usage start date: 12/04/2015

Inilah hidup yang baru dan aku harus siap dengan parubahan..

I'm just an ordinary boy and still looking for his own destiny. I'm an open minded man, good on cooperating with the other, logical minded, structured mind, care, a little ambitious, easy-going and expressive boy. I love to making conversation to the others, do something different, something new, like challenges, find how the others think. I like to share with the others, it's very likely, fun and make me understand how the others feel.

I like write something. It's very fun to deliver what I think.

If I make something, I would rather focus on it's function than it's design. I let the others design it well.

Having friends is very nice. They can help, care about me. They are very useful in my life. I'd love to have so many friends. :)